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About Vito

Most authentic pasta sauces are family traditions. Local ingredients, fine-tuned recipes, and long-standing passion for feeding loved ones. That’s the kind of authenticity you’ll find in my Great-Uncle Vito’s Pasta Sauce.

First created from scratch in Southern Italy by Mama Granata in the late 1800s, it’s truly quintessential Italian. Vito Paolo Granata was born in Spezzano della Sila, Italy before his family settled to the great San Antonio, TX. He married into our family by marrying our Great-Aunt Fern, and they built a charming homestead life as gracious hosts who made everyone feel welcome to the table.

To Vito its maker, it was an artform, belabored over in his pursuit to create the perfect pasta sauce. Right down to the tomatoes, Vito grew the ingredients himself – just to keep the recipe’s integrity. Until his passing, Vito and his wife Fern cooked their signature sauce every day for 30 years and eventually passed it on to the next generation of Sandersons.

Today, our family cooks Vito’s Pasta Sauce – the fourth generation to inherit the recipe. And we’re proud to make it with the same brand of love and authenticity that Uncle Vito instilled in every batch. We follow the same traditions of making this pasta sauce by cooking in small-batches, right down to the smallest of details like sautéing the onions and garlic.

Vito’s heritage – and his signature sauce’s taste – just get better with age.